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Wall Art Decoration from pallet wood

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Wall Art

Don’t get bored

I know, it is fun at the beginning of isolation, you can finally relax and have a lot of time for Netflix and Facebook. But after a few days of such screen vegetation, I begin to get sick. I stop wanting anything. In order not to go crazy, I try to do something every day. Everything possible already repaired, laundry washed, cleaned, guitar fingers hurt …

This last palette …

we will part again;) I’ve stayed with such one. Cool because it looks like a ready table. Not cool because too new. A long time ago I did deer head from old plywood, could it now be cut ?! That was the plan, but …
when I started to draw the shape, I thought that it would go too soon and I would be bored again.

I was going to change my shirt but I changed my mind

Winnie the Pooh used to say that;) So we paint!
Wall art are different for everyone. One likes pictures and another likes pictures. I like wood! First, medium oak water stain and sanding to age the boards a little. If you really have a lot of free time, you can age the boards homemade stain.

It took me a while to fill the contour with white. Especially such a thin brush.
 old boards
It was supposed to stay that way. Minimalist. But the fun ended too soon, so I started to think up. In the middle I painted an equilateral triangle and guidelines from the middle of the sides to the middle of the other sides through the other sides, you know what’s the truth? 😉
 wall decoration
And the coolest part of the fun that took me almost 5 hours. Filling with colors … Paints are wrong mixed testers from the store where i work. In fact, they should be painted with the walls, not wood but a little varnish on the top and it will be ok. I was so into it, I even forgot to eat breakfast;)
 Wall decoration


Finally, I have corrected all the black lines with the marker and the decoration is ready? How do you like to see such wall decoration? Who of you would like to hang such at home?



 wall art