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Desk upcycled from wooden chest with some secrets inside.

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Desk made from wooden chest.

Short story …

It all started with finding on Facebook that someone near me wants to get rid of the old instrument chest. I made an appointment the same day, Friday evening. I’m talking to Audrey, we are going to get the chest from town and after we go for some Thai food. The problem is that in the pictures in the advertisement the size was not visible and the box turned out to be a bit larger than I thought. Long story short we told the restaurant owner that I am a mobile magician and there was no problem entering. It wasn’t so easy with the bus driver but he finally got in touch;)

Another bench? I don’t think so!

Sand, varnish, screw legs, done ?! AND! AND! Not this time. What we have long lacked is the space for work so-called office / creative. So it fell on the desk. At first, there was supposed to be space inside to hide the ubiquitous mess, but as the idea matured, I came up with something better. I wonder if you will come across it after the next steps?
 < / a>

Stage 1 …

It is always the same with every piece of furniture that is being renovated … clearing of unnecessary elements, grinding and filling holes and cavities. Especially those aged from the inside because I wanted a really even surface.

 desk no. 2

Never have too many clipboards

I divided the space in three parts. Greater middle and two small side. I made partitions from pallet boards. And at that moment the real fun began. First of all, I figured that these storage compartments will be closed. Secondly, they will create a nice, even top. The middle one covered with 80x50cm plywood waste and made side covers, of course, made of pallets;)


Desk in the desk

I attached the hinges. Two smaller ones open sideways. And the middle one … That’s the little secret. For this part I made extra legs (you guessed it from the pallet) hinged mounted from below and the lid itself opens to the front. When lifting up, the legs fall freely and we have a nice, designer top at an angle 🙂

 designer desk


The lid on the inside was painted with panel paint, so it had to be nicely putty and smooth. Unfortunately, you won’t see Audrey’s beautiful drawings from Dedexpressions because in the time of the COVID pandemic, white chalk was impossible to get. but don’t worry, it won’t drown, they will appear on my Instagram as soon as we get chalk somewhere.

Before grinding, I removed all the fittings and refreshed a little. At first, I thought about painting the whole chest but I would lose this beautiful character. Therefore, the whole is only covered with two layers of satin varnish.
 old box fittings

I ordered my legs online. 69 cm long. Such “Scandinavian”;) because I lost my love for hairpins (I used them for the last project coffee tables) and I think wooden looks here definitely better. Mounted fasteners 10cm from the side edges and slightly twisted relative to the front line. Thanks to this, the legs do not protrude behind the desk outline but diverge nicely.

The desk is there, everyone can see

But the most practical thing about all this is that this desk is still a chest. It has castors, handles, and closures. Just unscrew the legs (manually), pack inside and hit the road 🙂

I am writing this text fully using the new desk. And I can’t get over how it came out and that it’s finally over 🙂 Of course, it’s nice to hear what you think about it. Let me know in the comments. I invite you to watch it.


 old chest


 desk from an old chest

 desk from an old chest