Wood-The Best Of PAPA Timber

Wood-The Best Of-complicated or Simple?

From experience I know that the hardest part is to predict if what happened will appeal to fans. Sometimes the amount of work the project is not at all relevant to the final effect WOW. Sometimes a simple spontaneous project can take as many more buzz than the laborious piece. The other problem complicated structure is doubt on 85%. Apparently almost ready, immediately will WOW and to stop all this please and we want to let go. There is unfortunately only a kick in the ass and do next.

Two years of gouging

My adventure with wood began in January 2015, therefore my carpentry experience is a small but how to get inspired I know quite a few. Even a little of this knowledge work in my posts. Each project taught me something new, even those that never saw the light of day and there were few;)

But that was the best?

Well?! Table? Cabinet? Maybe some decoration? I do not want myself decide for you, you, the readers, my fans, colleagues, friends are the best. Therefore, below you will find five, in my opinion, the best projects. Wooden furniture and decorations, not necessarily in chronological order.

1) Cabinet … shoes:)

So this is the Cabinet made for my sister. Why is standing in the kitchen? Because the rest of our House was in total chaos, everything renovates and only in the kitchen you can make photos. Cabinet in 100% made of pallets. The handles of the spoons. Painted whitewashem:)

2) dining table …

of course with pallets. This was our first project. A lot of cut up old pallets + instructional videos on YT and voila. The only tools that then I had the mini tile saw with blade and screwdriver. Formula boards to counter this idea and it seems to me very hit.

3) Wooden Deer

Spontaneous project that was because I did not want to clean up the garage yyy IE. the workshop;) Description of the formation can be traced here

4) Stoliczku do the same

Here is poszalałem! Not only that, I switched from pallets to your after apples is yet I made a movie with a samoskładającym a time-lapse:)

5) Table LOFT

It is also a very simple project that anyone can do alone and does not require a large amount of tools. Details can be found at this link

Well, that in the end?

You have your types? Or maybe forgot something? Maybe there is some przdmiot PAPA Timbrowy, which beats the rest? (one to rule them all;)) Be sure to write in the comments. #PeaceLoveDiy